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The Far Eastern University higher education institute,was established in “Far Eastern College” with permission from the Commission on Higher Education (former Ministry of University Affairs)on December 27, 1999 and officially founded on
February 4, 2000. Her Royal Higher Princess Kalyaniwattana presided over the official opening of the College on November 13, 2001.

With strong ambition and continuous emphasis on the education, it was elevated to become The Far Eastern University dated on April, 20 ,2006. The declaration ceremony is scheduled on May 8, 2006

Color of The Far Eastern University

Navy blue
  represents the intellectual mind.
 represents ethics and prosperities.

In compliance with Thai Government policy, The Far Eastern University aims at upgrading educational standard for Thai citizen in order to arm them with knowledge and abilities needed for competing in the globalization era. The Far Eastern University also trains its students to be updated with the fast-growing technology. The Far Eastern University’s student are expected to be characterized with international business characteristics which is, especially, management and technology competency.The Far Eastern University has, therefore, set its ambition to be a higher education institute for people in the new millennium. The Far Eastern University provides its graduates with life and career excellencies as well as entrepreneurial awareness, on the basis of morals, ethics and Thainess.
The Far Eastern University Logo and its meaning

The Outer Circle
The Circle represents unfathomed knowledge, where there is no beginning and no end. Similarly, there is no definite beginning and no ending to a person’s spiritual and intellectual development throughout life

The Inner Circle

Represents an ancient scale comprised of three main bars which symbolize harmony of the whole person’s development as follows:

Ethics: each student must possess an ethical mind in all areas.

Wisdom: each student must be a lifelong scholar who is always searching for knowledge that can be used to enhance one’s life and community both locally and globally.

Wholeness: each student must examine his or her actions to prepare to be a complete person who thinks and performs tasks with thoroughness and fairness.

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